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Clojure should support parallel operations on its data structures.


  • Use the Fork/Join framework coming for Java 7
    • Some work started in the par branch
  • Parallel map, reduce etc
  • Incorporate FJ into futures?
  • Tie resources to tasks?
    • STM, IO scopes etc
  •  Granularity
    • currently granularity is last node of 32 leaves
    • when that is wrong (too much work per step), we should go to granularity 1 (each item)
      • automate this
        • how?
      • or just offer API-level control?
        • what would that look like?


  • FJ framework has backport to Java 6, but not Java 5
  • Is there a way to tie ownership things now attached to threads (like STM) to FJ tasks instead?