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Russ Olsen is leading the charge to create a standard launcher for Clojure, which will be a(n) (r)evolution of his dejour project.

Minimum Feature Set

  • support windows/Mac/Linux
  • readline support
  • console REPL
  • target latest version of Clojure

Issues / Follow-on Features

  • interactive maven consumption, a la Liebke's cljr?
  • different sized installs
    • minimum
    • bells/whistles
  • auto-inclusion of new contribs > 1.0?
  • auto-inclusion of new contribs, hand-selected by core team
  • coordinate release targets with book/tutorial authors?
  • graphical repl
  • ability to pass params to Java
  • one-click installer for Windows?
  • interactions with whatever we choose for build/repositories
  • Unix script #! support?
  1. May 03, 2011

    Thank goodness! We've needed this from the beginning.