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Alternate string quote syntaxes


  • docstrings with examples could be more human readable
  • XML, JSON or SQL generation tests become filled with escaped quotes

  • pasting JSON into a string, which could then easily have `read-json` called on it
  • Writing doc strings which contain usage examples is often tedious if the example contains strings.

Possible Solutions

Python-like triple quoted strings


  • Relatively simple syntax, for humans and parsers
  • Has already been implemented
  • Would work nicely for docstrings.
    • (defn foo """my docstring""" [x] ...)


  • Minor breaking change - """""" which is  3 empty strings would now be interpreted as only one empty string
  • Have to add reader macro
  • Breaking change to every other tool that reads Clojure syntax
    • Including regexp-based syntax colorers, etc.
  • What about the EDN spec?


  • Slightly more flexible than triple-quotes
  • Addresses some of the issues mentioned in the motivation section


  • More complex syntax
  • Would likely not be a great fit for docstring readability.
    • (defn foo <<HEREDOC hello this is a docstring HEREDOC [x] ...) for example, is pretty bad.
String Interpolation / Templating



  • Without additional information about specifically what is being proposed, this is likely to be a breaking change.
  • There are already many libraries available to do this.
  • Does not directly address docstring readability.


  • Is the built-in format function enough?
    • Not for docstrings.
    • In the case of XML, JSON, and SQL generation tests (as mentioned in the Motivation section) it can still be rather difficult to read.
Resource files


  • Already exists
  • Is a well established pattern in the community for reading configuration files


  • Separate file for each string
  • Can't use for macro-interpreted things like doc strings
  • In tests, having the test data separate from the test itself is hard to read
  • Does not address readability of docstrings in source.
  • Does not address SQL, JSON, XML, etc. generation tests.
  • In general, does not address the problems outline in the motivation section of this document.
  1. Dec 21, 2011

    Regarding resource files, you can have more than one string per file – consider ordinary java properties files, which are easy enough to work with (and powerful, when the string values contained therein are filled with $... placeholders for format calls).

  2. Dec 21, 2011

    Re: interpolation, there's this, which is in clojure.core.strint in core.incubator.

  3. Mar 22, 2013

    As of Clojure 1.5, we should consider EDN compatibility when proposing an extension to the Clojure reader. See  Also, note that Clojure 1.5 added clojure.edn/read and read-string.  As a practical matter, any new string reader syntax should probably be part of EDN as well as Clojure.

  4. Jul 02, 2014

    Ruby supports quotes like %Q{Some string with "quotes"}. The separator { can be replaced with other characters as well.

    In EDN it could be for example 

    #s{some string}